This isn’t about me…HA

I am progress. My dual, my shadow is ignorance, in a sense (not innocence): it destroys worlds leaving me to construct from nothing.

Every group has a dual L-group. This might not mean much to you (don’t worry for now, the statement is part of a major mathematical research program called the Langlands Program after Robert Langlands); instead, think of a metaphysical analogue: every self has a dual, every life has a double cover to tie the string, light and the projected shadow, if Carl Jung knew what I know, if he saw the whole world from the outside in, his head might’ve exploded. We will at some point have to confront the dual, not that you can’t sense its presence. I won’t tell you what to do but I’ll be your friend and listen and help guide, so you can attain genuine happiness and peace of mind.

  If I am given nothing to work with then I shall take nothing and make everything let E (for Everything) be an open set at a point let n (for nothingness) be the sum of all fear a closed empty set the void the infinite nothing, and let L (for Life) represent the infinitely generative opening of the closures. Forgive the wordplay (humanity we tend to only accept comedy and tragedy). If you are existence or the universe or unity or (super)symmetry, how would you prove your own existence? First: you wouldn’t because that’s vain. Oh, and also you wouldn’t need to because self-evident or something. Ah, gotcha, but ok ok if you juuuuuust had to then I suppose you would set an origin let’s call it epsilon subzero because you guys love your notation and it will represent that which has no name because it doesn’t exist because I exist because you exist because everything exists, but fine fine humans need their numbers, and I am quite proud that we have at least discovered numbers because, well you’ll see. I spend most of my waking life proving myself.  Then again…

Somethingness is better than nothingness or something I don’t know how to begin so I went with a toast to existence which if you have an objection to I either don’t like you and/or I empathize with you because humanity is isomorphic to its worst enemy maybe I do know how to begin maybe I’ve thought about beginnings my entire life the question is why to begin and the answer is existence it started out with a bang how did it end up like this well that’s easy I’ll show you…

Once upon a time before our Time, well, there was no our-Time, and all this jazz we call our Universe, which I will denote henceforth using the all-powerful capital yoo (U) to distinguish our Universe from the general notion of ‘a universe’ and the possibility of other universes in a multiverse paradigm, stood (stately) at attention in a singularity (one might consider understanding this state as the underlying purpose/convergence/unification of all scientific progress).

How does one start these things? Wrong question…Why, why is the only thing that matters, and love…you, me, and the world. I’ll try to keep these things under 1000 words because of arbitrary constraints blah blah blah the system blah blah blah I would never write anything that I wouldn’t read, and my taste is sublime.

I intend to explore, philosophically then more technically, what I am calling for now the theory of unity and its implications, applications, analogauges (if you see a newly smithed word like this: a) unless: when you sound it out, it’s clearly off phonetically, inwitch casegory yoomoightuhv fee-feye-founda legendair-rarerrorapairance uhvuh spoiling mistypification; you can assume: b) I mean ta do whut me’o’my mind tellz me 2; so my only advice is: c) GO WIT DUH FLOW). Once you (notice I imply you will learn my ways if you give me a chance there are no secrets anymore we you and me unite (hee-hee) at an origin any origin free will then the many wii’s of mii’s converge from all sides to THE ORIGIN which elegantly can still be any origin pick one though for reference give it an appropriate and meaningful symbolic representavatar like a Moebius strip embedded in spacetime reducing to a written representation of a closed circle like 0 or something, tattoo or stamp or mark on each mii and collective wii passing through this z-arrow (not like a Big Brother mark; a mark symbolizing equality of O0OppO0OrtUNITY) thus connextending the future possibilities locally with an eye-in-the-sky foreseeing infinite generation and self-sustinization globally) have a deep knowledge of fine structure in language and mathematics, and I hope to inspire you to pursue what I might call continuous, simply connected, dynamic learning/thought, you will feel confident in creating or discovering new constructions/permutations/manipulations etc etc…more simply, I love wordplay and use it almost exclusively in the playful sense. Corollary: language, mathematics and its notation (which unfortunately our Undereducationary (inNOTfamous for closing openings without opening closings or falsely assuming an axiom of nothingness(-which-dozen-exist) rather than accepting the omnitranscendiquity of our alleveryone-ing unificationing) System of A(please, sir, may I have some)moricapital-M-for-consumMaterialism

Utopia: Everything in dynamic equilibrium

In a more mathematical sense, I will first informally introduce enough accessible ideas with the intention of conceptualizing the circle group, the set of all complex numbers with absolute value equal to one, closed under defined/known complex-number multiplication; now generally speaking we have the unitary group of degree n, U(n): the set of nxn (re: n by n) matrices closed as a group with the operator: standard matrix multplication. Separately, following my own curiosity and intrigue, I might post first the loose, representational interpretation and branchov (onto) a more rigorous approach, so you can choose how much abstracting out is acceptable at any one time-cut. The dual of unity is unity (for G: U(1), Langlands dual group L-G: U(1) a priori self-dual; space/dual space (maybe dual ring?…save rings for later they hold on to their value) U(1)xU(1)). The natural extension or dual-goal: I intend to prove Everything. The dual of Everything is Everything (for G: E8, Langlands dual group L-G: E8 a priori self-dual; space/dual space E8xE8). Unity proves Everything and Everything proves Unity. James Joyce provides us with a nice proof of his own despite the mathemagicians rejecting him, fortunately (for us), but I’ll recircle back to Joycean string theory another time-cut.

No need to remember all of this, I’ve done the foundational work for me and you and because I love and accept my fellow human beings more than most of them can know (in life).

If anynothingelse, remember this simple example of unity built into our existence: People NEED People (though not needy people). Needy people think like this: my existence is self-evident, but I can’t myself know the existence of others in the same way. I will allow for the case describing others’ beings existing only because I exist, but I refuse to assert with any mental exactitude the selfsame existence in others: beings or objects et al; or to begin to apply first order logic to representations so-azz to flow naturally into operations on representations, also known as synthesis. I have this body (thus I am entitled) to emperorically sense and ultimately learn to dominate the world around me and all objects and beings within, MY WORLD

The world is the world, with or without our self-centrification. For some reason, we are privileged beyond all other objects and beings in our local system to spend quality? time in Time, to enter the flow at an arbitrary point (reentry possible?) to become one with Gravity, to exist like a temporary? embedding in spacetime, a closed, separate being immersed in local coordinates of the Universal Manifold.

Let’s begin…


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