Chaos 2 (or The Path of Flying Butter)

In a perfect little display of human non-logic: someone working on real, groundbreaking theory, but everlacking in the imaginative art of ‘dumbingus downus’, even more but and lacking the essential ability to know one’s limits in regards to the art of philosophical expliation, reductio’d ad absurdumbdum’d and invoked an image of a butterfly (or at least let’s say a rabbling bunch of butterflies) flapping wings in Asia or at a point in the somewherewhere wind patterns patter or wind patters patterns before Coming to America and contributing through flippityflapping to a tornado later manifesting in oklomaha.

This is slightly less absurd than taking the same hypothetimage of our non-denoMonarch butterfly pseudo-randomly path-integrating along a worldcurl in Asia-somewhere and stating: at some arbitrary not-in-Asia-somewhere point in Earthspace, simulTIMEously, flies some butter describing the inverse path; and concluding: together the butterfly and the flyingbutter, due to the unity of all things coming from the same thing(s) (unity has its limits like any real representation of anything), are, quantumly, entangled. Einstein and Zeus would take a break from their heaven-is-craps game to throw lightning-dice from above for thinking like this.

There have been reports of butter flying in the American South…

If ears are fine-tuned, we might hear Bells, hidden distantly (re: nonlocally), alarmringing like vibrating strings permeating a folded brain.