String Theory 1 (or dimensions 1)

One and two and three and six permutations on three ok we’ll put the three with the twisted super-thingy compactiplexificationing it to flow in four

(can we do that?

WE will not be doing anything the doing is already done we find the representation we’re almost there)

and how many we got left? 6? Shit, ok right four in six makes ten why ten again? Open and closed strings right right but which six? What do you mean which six? This isn’t a choice it just is so it’s the six with the sillystring superthing like seven with the four so eleven…

Now we are making progress.


The Beginning

Let there be unity. In the beginning, there are simply open and closed strings. I am only 28, and I shouldn’t know this or I should because all brains know this
or rather all brains are this and by this I mean nearly a hundred
billiony years of fine-tuning these strings some of them closed
fortunately propagating through existence and its dimensions
describing Riemann curves might aka a non-zero probability result in a
beautiful representation of existence in higher dimensions. Humans
were right and they were wrong (mostly or they used right wrongly)
when they thought they had all the answers it takes a lot to freely
dissociate from a representation that one is a part of locally in
order to abstractly learn about the representation globally because to
accomplish this goal in the closed Riemann surfaces of our lifetimes
requires us to live in the present moment which is only one instance
one state one point on the greater curve and to do this means we need
Time to parametratize our three-dimensional representations to allow
dynamic flow. The image you see is a high def rendering of the lattice structure of the root vertices of (too many of’s) a Lie algebra of dimension 248. If the implications of this representation move you like they move me (we’re all in motion), well that’s amazing you should be sharing knowledge and spreading joy as well. Arbitrarily large complexity: it is not by any means necessary to ‘get’ this; rather the point is to have an open mind, to desire knowledge, to maintain a dynamic equilibrium. I want people to understand or at least I won’t hide it from them and their representations of our universe called organized religion, which I will give credit have actually somehow managed to begin to converge on the answer. Then they kill themselves instead of hugging. Ignorance kills progress it walks up to the front door with a world-annihilating weapon, and it doesn’t hesitate (to use right wrongly). Or worse: it comes in like it belongs, an expectation, and proceeds to finely describe itself, but applying the laws of logic to an illogical foundation creates nothing as history can attest. Death blinds Life and creates a false duality as humans need a representation of the universe in their own minds in order to do anything useful but it’s so much easier when the representation is a
yes or no a good or evil a like or dislike a love or hate a simple choice between two human constructions defined by human constructions ad nauseam.

Sorry I just took a break to marvel at a cat another representation of infinite complexity and beauty in structure and form of the universe yet one that is easy to deal with on a day-to-day basis kinda thing. Don’t be afraid the answers you’ve been looking for are worth everything, and they exist as you exist. Your existence is proof of everything. You are a representation of the universe, which
is a representation of existence. Open and closed strings. You are the three-dimensional or complex two-dimensional, local manifestations of existence embedded in a four-dimensional super Yang-Mills theory with sigma-duality or a complex Calabi-Yao manifold with mirror symmetry the space needed for this insanity called life I guess, itself represented analogously as oh I don’t know maybe proteins and their maps you might’ve heard of this DNA wowowohboyohwow a representation of the flow of the universe a compactified infinitely generating memory of our complex two-dimensional propagation of
strings vibrating over the superduper Calabi-Yao manifoldian thing space-time there are no forces there are representations of strings in one and two and three and closed by this superthingy complexipactification you know him or her as Father Time or Mother Nature or Einstein’s Theory of the Major-General Relativity but now we have new representations it’s ok they’re all iterative the power of
thought of the greatest human minds somehow keep their structure as civilization comes crashing down around them (and words have their limitations though we certainly haven’t reached them) and those thought-constructs once thought never to be forgotten by that beautiful spinor DNA (and words and processors, tools 2.0 or 3.0 idk stop thinking about numbers themselves they are not-things we just
need open and closed strings). The theory exists a priori existence actualified, thussuly treat everything you encounter as a piece of the grandally united compactified in all its glory oneness not twoness not nothingness just open and closed strings of existence. Don’t worry it’s all in your head. Also: the secret to happiness is love the defense of death is love the meaning of hope is love the progression of humanity is love the purpose of existence is love. And closed
strings…this cat likes rubber bands: that is love