Analytic Continuation

What happens when a real complex analyst with his (or her) functions, zeroes and infinities and limiting continuities; differentiability and the complex compactificationing (big ‘effin deal); their belief in topological structure holes-be-damned (resist all inappropriate humor people cmon I’m trying to prove existence here) and their random variables representing functions on a probababability space and their functions of functions call them functionals clever and their infinite variations perturbacular… and put them in a room with a number-theoretic algebraic geometrician with their finite simple group-ies and their symmetries and the combinatorical permutation-nation that constructs all things from unity U(1) or its mirror-symmetric dual U(1) (Ohhhhhh that makes sense just twist the string at any point or whatever and you get two from one PERFECT) ?

Answer: If the room is closed and the two are men then they will collide an infinite number of times yet their combined self-absorption will prevent their unification (the tension might create a black hole) I kid I kid. Another possibility: they carry on in opposite directions openly creating representations so the proving never ends hooray for NO ONE (theorem: every transcendent theorem is applicable whether it be direct or philosophical or metaphysical whatever goofy word you wanna-use I gots a lots ‘o dem), but make it rain. Fortunately, the ghost of Bernhard Riemann RIP (if only he were alive today to tell everyone to stop treating math like it’s a secret) and his posse maybe Poincare shows up just because I want him at my table, not just for his connections, the French know food (they also know (in)digressions…)…okok so whudduh we have: some ghosts construct a spiral staircase or more like a spiraling slide also like a Jacob’s ladder, and they’re saved from themselves because if two things start moving in our new Riemann surface then we can either unite here or at infinity and its really just easier if we do things here because well we’re already here and infinity is like really far away or something.

Corollary: We need women.


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