Critics 2 (or Art 1 or 2 and/or + History 2)

Kingspiercing  and Snowmen

“The not-art of criticism needs to change. Everything has to change, or everything should be dynamic like the universe: time is motion in one sense or dynamism these are ideas not merely words tiswhatis important here: if one can tell the brain to treat things it reads or learns as ideas and concepts outside of language, then one can explore and create new knowledge with language as a guiding tool.

I had meant this piece as an introduction to my views on zee POPular culture, film-version, and (de)grading art, so we will get there in a minute or not, but unity means everything is connected.

Time (like gravity, or maybe we don’t even need the word ‘like’) is this extra parameter connecting three real, spatial dimensions that locally approximate Euclidean space with distance as a metric and curves as connections (maps) in our spherical Earth-space, allowing for a continuous flow, forward momentum (spin). It is not the same thing as a fourth spatial dimension, a fourth basis vector from our origin, and this is where people get caught up in semantics rather than exploring ideas. Think of it more as the ability to stay fixed at a point in space moving freely about that point with a spinning ball as the trivial visual*. Humans are not information-storage devices because why would we need to store real-time, trivial, constantly changing data when we learn why and follow through with how in order to create tools to store data for us to synthesize.

*Poincare: compact, simply-connected n-dimensional space is diffeomorphic to a (n-1)-sphere. For spacetime take n=4 (3 real+one complex), more on this later.

Our minds are next level and all the levels after that up to the scale of our universe and down to subatomicville. Local data is largely meaningless, just look at the stock market, a local extremum maximizing human absurdity minimizing human utility allowing people with means to exploit others without and build unbending walls. Fortunately or un-, that which does not bend, that which shuns change, that which denies progress is a bubble waiting to burst, a ticking time bomb, a fragile piece of glass carried across the street, a hard-drive waiting to fry, a gaming system waiting for red rings, a paraclichedox of tritism, a time-till-failure statistic…that which is not flexible will breakshatterimplode expand infinitely into nothingness (oh, like currency floating? or imperialistic governments using oppression?). Then the real people suffer and life goes on (for some…).

No intention to summarize, and don’t think in terms of procons. Extract the Y’z to synthesize new knowledge with prior. The art I choose to write about will represent themes I wish to explore, and it is this connection between great creative works I find most beneficial and worthy of wordying. Criticism is boring, there’s no need to grade every episode of a tv show and every movie (there is no bad or good…maybe there is art and not art — we can call it crap I suppose — art and crap but that’s still highly subjective because what do we want to be good about it: the visual experience, the meaning, the tone, the acting, the writing, the directing, the producing…why get buried in bullshit?). Art stands on its own. Learn more from non-successes anyways that’s how the brain works. The sum total of every failed script and manuscript equals true History minus the small often trivial amounts of reality. Existence comprises reality and possibility; add identity, allow inversion, get unity (and abstract algebra) and life is time to figure out the rest: open and closed strings. Often, effort counts, if well-intentioned. Sure, have water-cooling-convos where some insecure guy reduces what is already acting to bad acting or bad-to-worse-acting by quoting things that everyone remembers…this we can call un-self-parawaryty or something.

Art means what it means to artist and audience: these meanings can be mutually independent or we can talk about it and share constructively and therein find unity in a shared experience. Call it communication or life or friendship, try it sometime it’s nice. If someone’s opinion is innocently un-informdifferent, probably ignore it as most issues are only supermediafficially diametric, or if they are caustic and malevolent, then show-not-tell them what’s up, but do it calmly and composedly!

Here’s a thesis statement or something:

Kings are like snowmen, they use potential energy to accumulate from those around them material to support their base as they seemingly roll down a hill. They exploit others to build themselves through them, and because no systems are closed, there is excess heat (insufferingable) the builders absorb. Nothing self-sustainable comes from building fragile constructs.

People have value and creativity. We can imbue creations with our value, but this isn’t a conservation law: we retain the value and produce the object that is one of our great strengths let’s never forget and never let anyone tell us otherwise. You are all value please be responsible and value others.

Now one would think this expenditure of potential-to-kinetic energy should result in something valuable, something useful, timeless, ‘monumental’ (island accent: u mental mon…most of these islands might not know snow but they know of these snowkings i speak of…). The mistake is allowing the object, the creation, the false prophet to take the value and subjugate the valuable value-makers. The creation is a representation, the creator is the real deal.

Ok so what happens when this supuber snomonument after all of this effort is finally complete (all forgotten adults and children of all won and lost civilizations raise yo hands)…”

I speak. And drink rapidly this glass of melted snow, man.