On Meaning

On The Meaningiddy of Unity:


What Do(es) You(nity) Mean(ity)?…

not a feeling in my GUT (Greatgrand Unitification Thingy)
not a five-star GOAT (General Of All Theories)
not a big, ugly TOE (Thing Of Everyallanythings)

Unity makes the world go round.
Unity makes the world round.
Unity is possibility.

‘This’ is a word, and
‘That’ is a word, and ‘over
There’: two other words.

There is no meaning
without context; history
and (of) people create words;

Language is:
A foundation for: Culture,
cultivating expression of:

Experience, Life.
Communicating, sharing,
Recording Representations.

Some(most)times taking in
the World around you
begets True Knowledge.

And then breathe out