On Intelligence (or an informal riff on the possible structuring of sensory input info)

Knowledge is (allpowerful) progress is (omnipotent) purpose is (all-live-you) people catalyzing cataclysmic catharsis, persistently potentiating the synthesiterative flow of the universe.

Knowledge is (endless) progress is (allpossible) purpose is (individual) people uniting: the ultimate, emeruby weapon; the silver-bullet-shooting, double-diamond-edged samurai-sword-shotgun slice-dicing ignorance into indivisible infinitismal instances imploding into insignificance eviscevaporating to become nothing. And what is nothing does not exist.

Billions of perspectives, all unique, all in time, flowing. In an instant: ears hearing sound waves, eyes seeing light curves, skin feeling air displacements, nose and tongue smelling and tasting molecules entering our closed-open system, left by right or right by left, ten connected degrees reducing to five pairs of sets of sensory inputs measuring the world five by five using sigma (mirror dual or S-dual) symmetry for compacting complexity, projecting to molecular representations as proteins comparing in the mirror all previous representations in memory, finding associations, entanglements, unities, synthesizing this new representation into the collective structure of long-term memory, encrypting knowledge to DNA…


Technology is a tool. The human brain is a universe.